Gunnery Sergeant Oorah
Gunnery Sergeant Oorah (w) Spectacles

Sewn on

July 28

Sewn from

A Drill Sergeant's Hat

Gunnery "Gunny" Sergeant Oorah is a hard yet noble drill sergeant from the Lalaloopsy Land Marine Corps. He has the job of training new soldiers to be sent out to the battlefield including Sir Battlescarred. If you ever come across him then don't make him mad.


Gunny is hard but he's fair to all the privates under his command. He's very strict and dosen't like jokes or being pranked but he does have a good sense of humor when he's happy.


Gunny wears a green campaign hat, green trousers, a black belt, black dress shoes, a khaki long sleeved shirt with "Marines" written in black letters on the right and the gunnery sergeant eblems on his sleeves and a green tie. He has pale skin, red spiked hair, black eyes and freckles on his face. Like Sir Battlescarred he often carries a sword.


Gunny lives in the barracks of a nearby fort.


Gunny's little sister Sergeant Hooah often works along side him.

Unlike Bea, Gunny doesn't underestimate his little sister.

Gunny has a rivalry with Bea as a teacher.

Bea describes his method of teaching as "horrible".

He's based off US Marine Corps drill instructors.

Gunny also trains candidates to become princes or princesses at the Princess Candidate Academy. His current candidates include Trinket, Mimi, Ribbon and Beauty.

He sometimes works along side others when he's training certain people. He worked along side Queenie Red Heart in Princess Candidate Academy and later with Jewel, with Rosy when he's training medical officers and along side General Semper Fi when he's training commissioned officers however he doesn't work along side anyone when he trains non-commissioned officers.

He doesn't like Peanut for the fact the she goofs a lot and makes jokes.

He has a bad habit of constantly interrupting people.

He has a dress blue uniform as well which he only wears on special occasions.

Oorah is the cheer for the US Marine Corps.

His Birthday is on the beginning of World War I.

He was originally designed without glasses.


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