Bea: At last! I have finished my invention about anti-gravity machine! Specs , will you please call my friends..

Specs: Okah!

  • knocks on Sunny and Berry's door*

Specs: My sis wants you at her library... Just go there m'kay!

Sunny and Berry: Umm.. Sure thing!

  • Specs runs to the beach and saw Spota , Marina , and , Patch.. playing volleyball*

Specs: Please come at Bea's! *runs*

Marina:... Ugh.. That was.. unexpected..

Spots and Patch: *doublefacepalmplz*

Bea: Hi! I would really ask each and every one of you to list down your height and weight for my annual anti - gravity party!!

Dot: Anti - Gravity Party?

Bea: Yes! Please write them here in my notebook..

Dot: 4"3 , 48 kgs.

Sunny: 5"2 , 50 kgs


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