This is Golden Teddy. He was sewn from Teddy's hat that has been dyed gold. He likes to jumpscare people in flashgames and he likes to paint everything gold! Golden Teddy likes to chow down on prey and perform songs for children in the day time. At night though he is very dangerous. Dot did an experiment on Teddy and something went wrong making Golden Teddy.

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Appearance: Golden Teddy has the same skin tone as Teddy but he wears a golden bear suit with a blue bow tie and has a tophat for special occasions. He has an animatronic voice box which explains why he can roar like a bear

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Pet: He has a pet golden bear cub

Birth date: Unknown for now

Likes; GOLD, Bears, Jumpscaring people, Children, Singing, Hibernating

Dislikes: Teddy, Being clean, Being disturbed from hibernating (which is why he jumpscares people MOST of the time)

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