Gold Goldmary


Full size doll

Sewn on

February 5th (Day That The World's Largest Gold Nugget was Found)

Sewn from



Golden Dragon

Gold Goldmary is a bookworm and a smart resident of Lalaloopsy Land! She has three siblings who are triplets, Jade, Silver and Amethyst. Gold loves the three dearly, but this is not her true color.


Gold is very smart and she somewhat a bookworm. She loves her siblings so much. However, she has no soft heart at all, she only shows this to her family, but never her mother. There is a story behind her family: her mother left her alone in the North Pole, until she got adopted by Maria Goldmary.


coming soon...


She owns a Golden Dragon.


Gold lives in a Golden, Silver and Bronze home with the triplets.


  • She is allergic to Emeralds and Cats.
  • She dresses with real Gold.

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