Goal Scores-a-Lot


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn from:

A professional soccer player's uniform

Sewn on:

July 18 (Goalie Day)


Golden retriever

Goal is a little soccer player, just like his big sister Sporty Kicks-a-Lot.


Goal is very good at soccer and loves being striker. He is very good at scoring goals (hence his name) and is good at stopping them, too. Goal learned everything he knows about soccer from his big sister.


Goal has brown hair in the style of Matey Anchors'. He wears a sky blue jersey with a number 10 on it. Above the ten, it says 'LALA LITTLES' in big white letters. On the sleeves, there is one white stripe on each side. His shorts are the same as Sporty Kicks-a-Lot's, only sky blue.


Goal's pet is a golden retriever.


Goal lives with his big sister.


  • Lalaloopsy Littles Goal Scores-a-Lot


  • Goal is the second boy Little.


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