Although he can't be leader in school, but he can lead it sometimes, this group is called "HIVE 5"


He is great with everything! He has the ideas for evil plans for the others without letting those Titans to know! He is way more smarter than the others also he is not with the others because he is in kindergarten or preschool!


She is a bossy girl and loves See-More! She has a interest in some bad luck and she sometimes hangs out with Starfire! She and Cyborg were once in love, but she just wanted to break up because she can't have two boyfriends so she and Cyborg are just friends. Her and See-More once sang "Bop to the top" and loved that song, so they sang it and won at the same time!


He is a violent person sometimes! He's strong and tuff, but on the good side, he dances! He has a best friend relationship with, Billy Numerous and See-More! He really loves dancing even with the girls, but his least favorite food is vegetables(just like all of them)!


He's confident, loves Jinx and bossy. He's more of a smart aillie, but at the end of the day he hates Billy Numerous! He has a hate relationship with Billy Numerous and the Titans! He loves drawing in art class even has a rivalry on Spot. He white lies a lot and please don't tell him about Cyborg!

Billy Numerous

He's a goofy person and loves his clones, video games, fireworks and baseball! He has a crush on Sweetie and the other say "DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON SWEETIE!"! He doesn't like Bea because she's not a nice teacher at all. He and Mammoth are Best friends a lot they even talk about how they're doing in school! I call him Billy...

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