Gimnasta Bounce and Tumbles is a gymnastics loving gal! She and her sister Gabby Bounce and Tumbles are great  sports, who also love to win!


Gimnastia is nice, but she can tend to be a little competitive in gymnastics. She helps her little sister with tricks that are hard for her, and she loves making new friends.


Gimnasta has black button eyes, blck hair in a pony tail that is held up with a dice hairtie. Her skin is a light brown and her cheeck blush is pink. She comes wearing her purple gymnastics warm up suit, and blue tennis shoes. She comes with a waterbottle.


Gimnasta's pet is a flying squirrel .


Gimnasta's birthday is on September 22 ( National Gymnastics Day).


Gimnasta Lives in a Gymnastics themed house with her sister Gabby.


  • Gimnasta's name is the word Gymnast in Spanish.
  • Her pet is a refrence to Gymnasts, sience they fly like flying squrriels.
  • She is  the first lalaloopsy to have that hair style.



Gimnastia's doll

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