General Semper Fi
General Semper Fi (w) spectacles

Sewn on

November 10

Sewn from

A United States Marine Corps Uniform



General Semper Fi is the General of the Lalaloopsy Land Marine Corps he's a noble warrior with a strong connection to the soldiers in his command including Sir Battlescarred and Gunnery Sergeant Oorah.


General is the main commander for the Marines he's brave and cleaver and will lead his soldiers with honor. When there's trouble he leads his men in while others are going out and he's always faithful to his men and his friends. He's dedicated to protecting Lalaloopsy land from any danger.


General has a pale skin tone, black eyes and yellow spiky hair. He wars a white officer hat, a black coat with gold buttons, red lining and the genreal insignia on his shoulders, medals on the left side of his coat, white gloves, a white belt, blue trousers with red lining and black dress shoes. He also carries a wooden sword.


His name is based of the US Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis" which means "Always Faithful".

His hair is the same as Prince Handsome whom he works along side.

His pet is a bulldog which is the US Marine Corps mascot.

He was born on the day the US Marine Corps was founded.

His uniform is the US Marine Corps dress blue.

Like Gunny he was orginally designed without glasses.


General insignia

General's rank

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