Gamella games

Gamella Games is a girl who just won't stop playing games. Everywhere she goes, she brings a gaming device.

DS, DSi, 3DS, Xbox, she has every game device.


Sweet and shy, but when she plays games, all that changes. She is excitable and humorous when she plays her games.


She has black hair that reaches up to where her ears would be. Her eyes are blue. As for her clothes, well, she dresses very simply. She just wears a white tee, white skirt, and wears silver boots.


Just a little white kitten.


She lives in the game Mega Man 7.


  • Her favorite game is Mega Man 7.
  • This is the most simplest girl MGA has made.
  • She likes arcade games.
  • She's the first Lalaloopsy to have that hairstyle.

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