Gadget Gamer is sewn from a DS pouch. Her birthday is on July 9 (the relase day of Donkey Kong).


Gadget loves any game- from video games, card games, and board games. She is very competitive and is a night owl.  Her lazy nature tends to get in the way.


Gadget has black eyes, light pink cheeks, and light skin. She has dark blue hair with bangs. Gadget wears black headphones with a microphone attached to it. Her hair is styled into a side ponytail. She wears a green short-sleeved tee with a game controller on it. She also wears blue jeans. Gadget has green tennis shoes.


Gadget owns a white rabbit. Her eyes are pink. She has a red button on her chest.


She lives in a giant, red 3DS that has been hollowed out and is two storied.


-She is the only female Lalaloopsy with pants. 


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