Frosty Pine Tree

Frosty likes to give out presents, she gives the best ones to her friends, and the worst one to her enemies, she also does not really like recieving. But she loves the things she recieves dearly. Frosty is Candycrushlover100's loopsy.


Frosty has sky blue hair in 3 buns and has a bit of hair in the back of her. She wears a dress that looks like a christmas tree with some red circles and 2 layers under. She has pink boots with magenta laces and orange socks. She has fair skin, black eyes, and pink cheeks.


She has a sister named Ornament Pine Tree


She has a pet penguin.

Episode Appearances

Christmas Spirit (season 1 ep 5)

Party Time (season 1 ep 8)

First Meet (season 1 ep 1)

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