Frosty Ice Crystals
Frosty Ice Crystals Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

December 21st (Winter Solstice)

Sewn from

A Snowflake



Frosty Ice Crystals is the little sister of Ivory Ice Crystals.  She is born on December 21st (Winter Solstice).  She is sewn from a snowflake!  Her pet is a seal. 

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith)


Frosty loves cold winter days, playing in the snow with her sister Ivory, and all things icy. She loves to catch snowflakes and lives in an ice castle.


Frosty has pale skin, pink cheeks, and black eyes. She has a new curly hairstyle in silvery blue with a white fur hat. She wears a white shirt with a blue bolero vest and pearl button. She also has fur bracelets, a blue belt with pearl accents, and a gray skirt. She wears dark blue tights and furry gray/blue boots.


A white grey seal


Frosty lives in an ice castle


Frosty's favorite treat is ice cream.

Frosty is the first TRU exclusive Lalaloopsy Little Special Edition.


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