Frost E. Freeze


Full size doll

Sewn on

November 27 (Disney's featured movie, Frozen, is released in this day)

Sewn from

Snowflakes and Silk


Polar Bear

Frost E. Freeze is the Princess of the Cold! She sets up a fun Olympics called as "The Frosty Olympics"! She is the champion of building a thousand and one snowmen for just one hour! As many people sign up, her popularity is going up.


Frost is an extraordinary resident. She is quick-thinking and very, very well-mannered. She is also a singer, who composes songs, but she is well-known about her championships in other Olympics.


She has pale skin and ice blue hair in the same style as Squiggles N. Shapes, as well as black button eyes. She wears an ice blue, white, and baby pink winter coat so that she doesn't get chilly! She also wears white and ice blue winter boots with pompoms on them.


She has a polar bear.


Frost in the coldest place in all of Lalaloopsy Land.


  • Frost can have a snobbish, clumsy and curious side.
  • Frost is a gifted Lalaloopsy.
  • She was NOT named for Frosty Freezy Freeze, Fanboy and Chum Chum's favorite beverage.

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