a show about friendship


The Pancake Contest-Berry goes against her rival, Blueberry Flapjack, in a pancake making contest, and rejects the other kids' help.

Princess 101-Jewel and Tippy invite some girls into their exclusive clique, but none of them no how to act proper.

The Case of the Colorful Spots-When the children start to get an infection, Rosy starts bossing them around so "they won't die of paintitis"

Cheese!: The gang decides to fool innocent Dot into thinking Lalaloopsy Land is the moon, but their plan to steal the moon fails...horribly.

Go West, Young Sheep: All of Little Bah Peep's sheep run away.

Fool Me: The kids give the silent treatment and start acting mean to Peanut for her horrible pranks. But when Peanut attempts to drop them in a ravine full of lava, she starts to realize there is a time for pranking and a time for friends.

Snowed In: The children get trapped in Mittens' house just when they were about to go sledding. It is up to Ace to save them.

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