Forest Evergreen

Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises

Peanut Big Top

Ace Fender Bender

Spot Splatter Splash

Forest's Beaver

Episodes Season 1

  1. Forest's Silly Problem
  2. Secret Spy Peanut
  3. Ace's Hiccups
  4. Peanut Bo-Peep
  5. A Surprise for Rosy
  6. Forest's Treasure Hunt
  7. Sleeping Rosy
  8. Doctor Peanut
  9. Peanut's Dance
  10. Rosy Red Riding Hood
  11. Spot's Petting Zoo
  12. Forest Go Seek
  13. Ace the Frog Prince
  14. Beaver's Ball
  15. Ace's Lost Lion
  16. Forest's Color Adventure
  17. Rosy's Birthday
  18. Forest's Great Clubhouse Hunt
  19. Forest Saves Santa
  20. The SewGetters
  21. Sew Super Adventure
  22. Spot Baby
  23. Beaver's Bubble Bath
  24. Spot's Gone
  25. Spot Babysitter
  26. Sew Choo Choo Express
  27. Forest's Campout
  28. Ace and the Beanstalk
  29. Ace's Clubhouse
  30. Spot the Great

Episodes Season 2



  • This series is related to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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