Season 1, Episode 4
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Flip-a-Pancake! is the 4th episode overall the fan-made show, Lalaloopsy Land Natural Adventures!


Silver Goldmary, insisting she knows everything about pancakes, her two other twins, Jade Goldmary and Amethyst Goldmary, challenged her to make a 10-layered pancake with butter and syrup on top.


Gold Goldmary, while cooking pancakes for her three siblings, Jade, Silver and Amethyst were talking about pancakes. Silver said she can cook a pancake, but she can't even flip a pancake. So after Silver said that, Gold finished making pancakes. Jade told Gold (rhymes!) that Silver can make a pancake, and Amethyst stayed silent. Gold, Jade and Amethyst challenged Silver to do a 10-layered pancake for breakfast tomorrow.

In the same day in high noon, Silver is thinking of how to make a pancake without burning it. Silver went to the von Puff sisters' house, Strawbella said nothing but ask Cherry Crisp Crust. Cherry taught everything she knows about pancakes, but when it is the time to flip the pancake, Silver is distracted by Cherry's pet (it was making frosting). Silver thanked Cherry and went home.

By the time they are going to sleep, Silver is confident of making a pancake.

The next day, Silver is going to cook! Silver cooked properly, but, the flipping part! She flipped it too high and fell to Gold, so she is sorry, and told the truth. Gold, is unhappy about this so she taught Silver to flip a pancake. Now, Silver is being truthful!



Real Characters

  • Cherry Crisp Crust


  • This episode marks the Goldmary sisters' first appearance.
  • This is the first episode of the show to have more fan-made characters than real characters.
  • Strawbella von Puff isn't a major character for the second time. (First is Power of Doing the Bad)

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