Fizz E

Credits to the owner :)

Fizz E. Soda Pop is part of the Sweet Drinks collection.  She was sewn on May 8 which is have a coke day with a pop bottle cap.


Fizz E. is super loud and loves to make popping noises with her mouth. She's a real bubbly girl and loves to sip the fizz from a soda pop as it begins to rise. Her favorite flavor of soda pop is Root Beer!


Fizz has caramel colored hair with a caramel bow. She has caramel eyes and wears a caramel top. She wears a glassy skirt with a faint caramel tint. She wears blue and light blue leggings.


A fizzy weasel.


A house.


  • Mini Fizz E. Soda Pop

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