Frosty Pine Tree

Button Plays A-lot

Fashion Glitz N' Glam (cameo)

Jewel Sparkles

Winter Snowflake

Icette Snowball

Secret N. Spy

Icey Puck N' Skate

Scisscors Cut Your Hair (cameo)

Cherry Fancyskirt

Ember Flicker Flame

Candy Sweet Treat

Silly Crazy Jokes


*theme song*

Winter: Hey Guys!

All: hi!

Candy: Nice to meet you!

Silly: aw come on! Where is the silliness

Silly blasts loud funny music

All: SILLY!!

Silly: well, SORRY!!!!

Icette: Ok guys, we should all just calm down.

Frosty:Yeah, I agree with Icette.


Meanwhile, Fashion, Candy and Jewel were making banners for their first party.

Button: Hey girls! Whatcha Doing?

Jewel: Oh, we are making banners.

Candy: Really great banners!!

Button: Really?

Jewel: Yup.

Button: Can I help?

Candy: Sure!

Jewel: Wait! What about-

TBC (to be continued)

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