Feather Tell-a-Tale is the best storyteller in Lalaloopsy Land. She's a nature girl who loves animals. Her favorite activities are braiding hair, doing crafts, and telling stories...from morning till night! Her name comes from a simple bird's feather, as well as a fun play on words for story time. She is the big sister of little Sparrow Tells a Tale.

About Feather

Feather has tan skin with light pink cheeks and black eyes. Her hair is blue and tied down into braided pigtails. She wears an elaborate headband across her hair and supports a feather sticking above her hair on the back of her head which is fastened by a button.

She wears a suede dress with long sleeves and zig-zag patterns. The bottom of the dress has a line of triangles that dips in the center. The bottom trim is blue and matches her hair. She wears interesting looking moccasin booties with laces on the side.


Her pet is totem pole bears.


  • She has braids.


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