Fancia Glitter

Fancia Glitter loves royalty, she likes to be really fancy. She is very impatient when her plants don't grow. And she gets really impatient sometimes and tends to scream, but she is a kind and sweet lalaloopsy. Fancia is Candycrushlover100's loopsy.


Fancia has pink hair styled in long pigtails with some baby blue streaks. She has pale skin, black eyes and rosy cheeks. She has a magenta bow on top of her head. She wears a simple hot pink shirt with some slightly visible pink circles. She wears a smooth skirt with some magenta shoes and pink bows


She has a little sister named Petite Glitter


She has a pet bird.

Episode Appearances

None yet.

(Ask me if you want Fancia to star in one of your episodes)

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