Ember Flicker Flame is Lalaloopsy Land's very own firefighter on the job! She's super brave, and she's always there to save the day. She also has a fiery temper, and her favorite food is BBQ...but only if it's spicy!!! Ember is the older sister of little Red Fiery Flame and Blaze Flicker Flame. Her name comes from ember coals and flickering flames.

About Ember

Ember is a fair skinned girl with pink cheeks and orange-red hair with straight cut bangs, two very small cowlicks at the top of her head, and short pigtail-like buns held with a yellow bow on each side. She wears a striped white shirt with frilled sleeves and a collar with small buttons underneath along with a red frilled skirt with yellow lining and black buttoned yellow suspenders. She also wears pink and white legwarmers and firefighter boots.


Her pet is a dalmation.


  • She likes spicy stuff.


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