Duke Stillwaiting
Duke Stillwaiting Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

April 18th (Look-a-Like Day)

Sewn from

A Duke's Cape



Duke Stillwaiting is the little brother of Lady Stillwaiting.  He is born on April 18th, look a like day, because he looks like his sister but has battlescarred's hair.  He has a pet horse.

Drawn by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith) using Adobe Illustrator


Duke can't wait until he's in charge. He likes to boss his big sister around and loves making up rules. His favorite game is playing castle or fort.


Duke is fair skinned with basic black eyes, pink cheeks. He has purple hair in the same hairstyle as Sir Battlescarred.  He wears a yellow undershirt, with a pink/red top that has 'snow white' sleeves, a white collar, and a yellow strap. He has an orange shash, stripped pants, red boots with buttons.


A yellow horse with red main and tail


Duke lives in a castle.


Trivia: Duke's color sceme was hard to make masculine, because he shares the same colors as his sister, Lady, who is dressed in mostly pink.


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