Lydia McGilroy

Once, I had a dream that there was a new mermaid in the sea named Lydia McGilroy. Patch was exploring the beach when Lydia came up and told him that she needed his help. Patch asked why, and Lydia said he was cute. Then she told him that other merkids tease her, so she is friends with the fish and lobsters and other sea animals. But there is an evil chef who is seeking to kill the sea animals and serve them as an all-you-can-eat buffet, more important, kill Lydia and serve her as the main course! (CANNIBAL) So Patch and Lydia have to hide the sea animals before its too late


Last night, I had a dream that somehow Candle grew extra long hair and evil salon owners locked her up in their tall, giant salon, seeking to cu?t up her golden hair and use it as a wig. Ace went on a extremely dangerous quest to the United States and into............NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also almost got eaten by a tiger while on his quest. Once he went to the salon tower, he got past the guards and climbed up the tower and pulled pretty Candle out of the window and they used Candle's hair as a rope. Once they got to the bottom, Candle kissed Ace because Ace only wanted to rescue Candle to get a kiss from her because he likes her.

I'm thinking of making these fanfictions, what do you guys think?

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