Draw E. Doodles is the little sister of Trace E. Doodles. She is part of the Color Me Littles line.
Draw E Doodles


She is always willing to help others. She loving drawing fun things with Trace E.. She is very kind, warm-hearted, and giving, which is why she can be a friend to almost anyone. She loves her big sister.


Coming soon!


Her pet is a Chalk Giraffe with a chalk tail.


She lives with Trace E. Doodles and she loves her.


  • Lalaloopsy Color Me Littles Draw E. Doodles
  • Lalaloopsy Color Me The Chalk Sisters Sister Pack

Her Animation Appearances

Her first appearance is in the Lalaloopsy Littles TV Series episode, Scribbles Draws the Line.

She secondly appeared in the movie, Lalaloopsy Color Me: The Big Drawing Adventure.

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