Uh oh, This is bad, very bad! ~ Dr. Clickitt in Lego Island

Dr. Clickitt the doctor on Lego Island. It's his job to look after the health on the island. He's the older brother of Ed Mail.



Dr. Clickitt is the head doctor at the Lego Island hospital. He works closely with his two silly nurses Enter and Return. -


Rosy Bumps n' Bruises meets Dr. Clickitt at the hospital and they become close friends. When Dr. Clickitt becomes desperate to find a driver for his ambulance he gives the job to Rosy and sending Enter and Return to assist her.


Dr. Clickitt is a lego with a black mustache, he wears a white shirt with blue sleeves and the star of life on his right side. He also wears blue trousers and a white baseball cap with the star of life on the front.


  • Dr. Clickitt is a character in the 1997 PC game Lego Island.
  • Unlike Rosy being the only medical officer in Lalaloopsy Land. He is one of three on lego island.