Do the Twist is a episode in the Lalaloopsy Tv Series


Prince Handsome

Cinder Slippers

Sir Battlescarred

Lady Stillwaiting

Pete R. Canfly

Pix.E Flutters

Patch Treasurechest

Marina Anchors

Ace Fender Bender

Sunny Side Up

Scraps Stitched N Sewn

Misty Mysterious

Rosy Bumps N Bruises

Pink-pie Bowtie

Wendy Strawberry

Mary D. Smoke


Prince is playing soccer with his friends.They are talking about which girl they're going to bring to the upcoming dance.Prince twists his leg and goes to see Rosy.She says he cannot go to the dance.He then sees Scraps who suggests they they make a moving and talking dummy,but unfortunenatly the dummy is a bust.At Misty's house she trys to make the twist disappear but that dosent work either.Pink pie,Wendy and Mary suggest that he sticks his feet in the toilet but it is gross.He than goes back to his home to confess to Cinder that he cant do the dance.While pacing around,he than does the twist(a dance).He gets the idea thet the kids should do the twist.The dance is a sucess and the kids want Prince to show them how to do the twist properly,but he says he had enough dancing for today

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