Crepes La Sweet


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn from:

A duchess' dress

Sewn on:

October 19 (Sweetest Day)



Crepes is Suzette La Sweet's little sister!


Crepes is very, very sweet little princess. Her favorite thing to do is bake delicious treats with her big sister, Suzette. Crepes is also very fond of ballet. That's why she wears a tutu!


Crepes is a fair-skinned girl with basic black button eyes. She has a tiny, silver heart by her right eye. Crepes' hair is white and it is in a single ponytail (like Specs or Trinket). She has a big pink bow in her hair. Crepes wears a long-sleeved, silver, sparkly leotard with a lace (Dollie) collar and sleeves. Her skirt is the same as Twinkle 'n' Flutters', except one layer of the skirt is light blue. Her shoes are the same as Trinket Sparkles'.


Crepes' pet is the same as Trinket's except Crepes' is glittery with a blue bow.


Crepes lives with her big sister, Suzette.


  • Lalaloopsy Littles Crepes La Sweet


  • Crepes' best friends are Twinkle and Trinket.
  • She is the second Little with a birthmark.
  • She is basically made up of other Littles.
  • She is the first special edition Little.


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