You might wanna check out this first(Evil 5)


(now a scene with Winter Snowflake & ramdom music comes on)

Winter:Hey everyone welcome to cooking with Winter.Today I'll show you how to make the perfect meatballs.All we need is just cow,salsa & cheese.

(Winter grabs a bowl)

Winter:All we need is this biggest bowl,then,MIX THE SNOW OUTTA IT!

(now a scene with the oven)

Winter:Since that's done let's bake them let's say 24 hours,lucky let's check it now.

(now a scene inside the oven)

Ramdom person which is dirty:Here is you meatballs ms.Now can I please see my family.

Winter:Keep those meatballs person & things are gonna cook in there.

(winter closes the oven)

Winter:Well folks there you have it the perfect meatballs,toon in for are next episode that team ramdom is in the oven.YEAH!

the end

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