Cocoa Hot n' Frothy

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Cocoa Hot 'N' Frothy is part of the Sweet Drinks collection. She's a lalaloopsy mini made from a packet of hot chocolate and sewn on January 31st (National Hot Chocolate Day).


Cocoa does not like the cold at all, she only feels at home when in front of a nice toasty fire with a mug of yummy hot chocolate. Of course, it has to have many mini marshmallows in it, and she just loves when the cocoa is so frothy it leaves a trail in her mouth.


Cocoa is fair skinned with blue eyes. She has long brown hair with a milk colored highlight. She wears a brown dress with brown leggings.


Her pet is a marshmallow penguin!


A house.


  • Mini Cocoa Hot 'N' Frothy

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