Coco Hot-Choco

Sewn on

September 29 (National Coffee Day)

Sewn from

Stuff from a cofee shop


Warm and cozy

Coco Hot-Choco

Coco loves Hot Chocolate! She is sew sweet that she has two sweet teeth.


Coco has softer hair than Mittens Fluff N' Stuff. everything she wears on the image is light brown except for the shoes. They are dark brown.


Her simple personality is Warm and Cozy. Coco Hot-Choco keeps people warm. She even has her own yule log at her shop! (Which walls match Coco's shirt) She has a younger brother named Loco Sweet-Choco


A beige coffee cup that tries to make a heart.


  • Coco was going to be Fair-Skinned
  • The base I used for the doll is Berry Jars N' Jam
  • Coco was going to have a casual theme.

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