Clover Charms n' Wishes is the Target exclusive St. Patricks Day 2013 holiday doll. Her birthday is St Patrick's Day.


Clover has golden blonde braided hair. She also has light skin and peach cheeks. Clover has standard black eyes. She has a green dress with a gold coin trim and and a black belt with a gold buckle. She wears ruffled white socks and black buckle shoes. She also wears a small green leprachaun hat.


She can be super hyper when she eats sweets, otherwise she is kind and calm. With her sweet pet she tries to collect all the coins in lalaloopsy land.


Clover has a pet coin that is always happy no matter what. It loves shiny things so it somehow chases itself after a bath.


She lives in a giant bucket of gold at the end of a rainbow.


- limited edition mini

- limited edition large


- It may not look like it, but her favorite color is neon rainbow.

- she turned her first gold coin into a necklace.

- Her friend is Rain Bow!

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