anyway this is a Lalaloopsy version of my new upcoming fanmade series called CliqueSuper which is about these six kids in sixth grade who face the trials and tribulations, including getting bullied/annoyed by the popular kids who are really not popular but think they are. In the leader's (Abigail) imagination, the six kids become superheroes and the mean kids are supervillains

Haley=Astro-Girl (has the power to levitate objects, defy gravity/levitate, control light, and stardust)

Forest=Zen (has the power to induce peace, can control wind)

Scarlet=Ninja (has super strength and super agility and shurikens)

Patch=Coder (has the power of eletricity and can code, etc.)

Ace=Flame Boy (the power of fire)

???=Smarty-Pants (has enhanced knowledge)


Jewel=Eyeball (has the power to shoot laser beams from her eyes and turn people into stone)

Prairie=Bossy Boots (has the power to mind control people and has stilettos)

Marina=Water Polo (has hydrokinesis and super strength)

Clarity=Crystal (has the power to manipulate jewels and gemstones)

Peanut=Trash Talk (has the power to control trash and has a lasso made from her bows)

Swirly=Chatterbox (has the power to control sound

Sahara=Annoying Girl (has the power to be...extra annoying?)

Sir=the Flirt (has the power to make people fall in love with him and he has a bow and arrow)

Wacky=Cackler (also has the power of sonokinesis and can mind control people with his extra weird laugh)

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