Cleo Wraps was sewn from Cleopatra's dress. Her birthday is May 19 which is national band-aid day.


Cleo is very eager to rule over her own small area of Lalaloopsy Land. She is very kind and open-minded to new ideas. But, she is also very old-faishoned and can be immature at times.

Likes: Being a leader, treasures, adventure

Dislikes: Small rooms

Friends: Sahara Mirage and Praire Dusty Trails


Cleo has black eyes, pale skin, and light pink cheeks. Her hair is done like Dyna Might's. Cleo hair is dark blue and has bones with light brown wrapping in the middle to hold them in place. Her top has yellow wrappings that go diagonally. They are a little above her stomach. Next Cleo has a light brown horizontally wrapped cloth fabric. Her bandage like arm warmers are also light brown. Her skirt is wrappings that are yellow. She wears a dark blue tutu that comes 2/3 down her skirt. Cleo has yellow shoes.


Cleo owns a cute yellow cat with black eyes. She uses the same mold as Jewel's kitty. She has a ruby jewel on her forehead. Her tail alternates aqua and yellow.


Cleo lives in the pyramids in the desert. Her home is decorated with many jewels and other treasures.


-The part of Lalaloopsy Land she would like to rule is the desert area.

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