Chris Lalaloopsy
Chris (No Lala name given just yet) is a vampire Lalaloopsy who also happens to be an idol type. She comes around all of the time to Lalaloopsy Land, living just outside of the main town to visit all of her friends!

Born on October 15th, Chris was made from a gothic dress. Her pet is a Bat and her color scheme is black, gray, and light shades of pink.


Chris is a cute vampire who, unlike popular media would show, does not suck blood. She happens to have an interest in it, and can actually suck blood if she would have to or simply felt like it. But otherwise, she usually lives off of candy and sweet things.

She loves to sing and play music, spreading it everywhere she goes in hopes to cheer up anybody who feels sad. She has a second home in Lalaloopsy Land, which while a lot smaller then her normal home, she offers music lessons there in her spare time.

She can be a little bit sad sometimes, and is prone to angry outburst but she's normally very quiet around people she does not know. But once she does get to know them her sweet core tends to outshine all negetive feelings. Something only her close friends get to see

  • Likes: dark chocolate
  • Dislikes: bugs
  • Friend: Misty


Chris has very light/pale skin coloring and pale pink cheeks. Her eyes are two different grey colors and she has a small heart spot underneath her right eye in the corner, while she also has a single fang usually always poking out. Her hair is a blood color with spiked bangs and spiked, un-even lining that reaches her chest. She usually wears a skull hairclip or two.

Typically Chris will dress in black and gray attire with soft pink shades to accent it with. She usually dresses in fancy attire also, as usually common with idol types or vampires. This outfit consists of a black dress with a gray vest like top, and an underlayer skirt being pink with multiple black pieces of gems hanging from the lining. This outfit consist of gray ruffles and hearts.

She also has on gray and black striped stockings that tend to fall down some of the time, above the elbow dark gray fingerlgess gloves with pink ribbons on the top part, very thin black arm bands below her shoulders, a choker with a blood droplet shaped gem, and black boots with gray heart toes.


As stated, her pet is a Bat. It is black in color with red button eyes and very small fangs noticeable on its face. It has gray-pale pink cheeks and wears a small collar with a small red diamond on it.


Chris owns 2 different homes. One just outside of Lalaloopsy Land that is a big mansion, and one inside of the land that is somewhat smaller. This way, if she happens to be staying in the land for a period of time, then she'll stay at the home inside of it, instead of out.

Both homes are dark themed with black and gray with either purple, pink, or white. And she also has many frilly, decorative ornaments around her home to give them both a gothic lolita style. Usually others may be scared of her home due to its appearance and interior, but its perfectly safe and nothing has ever happened to anyone who has gone inside.


  • She is based off of Wiki user Chrismh. 


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