Chocolate Swirls 'N' Twirls
Chocolate Swirls 'N' Twirls


Full size doll

Sewn on

July 19th (Ice Cream Day)

Sewn from

Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Syrup


Ice Cream Cat

Chocolate Swirls 'N' Twirls, the best Chocolate Sundae maker in all of Lalaloopsy Land, has a heart of ice but a sweet personality. She dislikes oranges and mangoes, but likes strawberries and blueberries but most of all, Chocolate. She loves her little sister White Swirls 'N' Twirls.

She is Scoops Waffle Cone's recolor.


Chocolate's heart is made out of ice, which is unusual. But, instead of having a cold personality, she has a soft and sweet one. She is 50% smart.


coming soon!


Chocolate loves Ice Cream, so she made an Ice Cream Cat. The Ice Cream Cat is somewhat a Strawberry flavored with chocolate syrup. It's the same as Scoops Waffle Cone.


Chocolate lives in the neighborhood of Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, so it means Chocolate lives in the snow.


  • Chocolate got her name from her owner's favorite syrup.
  • Chocolate once disliked her name and Chocolate Syrup.
  • Chocolate is allergic to Shrimps, as well as getting too close to Marguerite Le Fleur, because Chocolate is allergic to Daisies.
  • Chocolate got Spot-itis once.

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