charlie charades is charlotte charades little brother. charlie chrades is fun lovable and a real chatterbox. when charlie talks he can never stop talking! pet) charlies pet is just like his sisters but the collar blue and yellow he actually has a visable pet the collar can be removable but it will get lost i hope not. home) charlie lives with his big sister charlotte. merchindise). ( lalaloopsy little.) trivia) (charlies pet is first ever lalaloopsy littles pet with a collar.) ( charlie doesn't have gloves but his sister dose.) don't worry i will try and get charlies picture up and his pet and his outfit i guess this is my first ever page so please dont hate it i tried my best . :) oh i forgot! (apperence) charlie has red hair and no freckles he has his hair style just like maty anchores speaking of maty i am going to try and get maty and make him look like charlie! thats why i am making charlie because lalaloopsys just have one brother and that is matey everybody needs brothers! ( lol ok) ( and clothes) charlie has a short sleeved black and white striped shirt and red overalls) ok thats all! exept the picture! bye! charlie does not have a pet forget the top pet sorry