Carri Clue-R

Carri is a big and mini lalaloopsy! Her mini is exactly like her big doll. Her mini comes with a brown checkered cape, her pet, a detective 'book and a pair of reading glasses


Carri loves solving mysteries and reading stories'! Her favorite things to do are:'

Read novels

Write novels

Solve mysteries

Brush her doggies hair

Draw, sketch and paint

Boys find she likes them

Things she doesn't ''''like:


Scary movies or Murder mystery

Miss spell a words or more

Not being alone


'Carri is a fair skinned girl with sky blue button eyes and red hot cheeks. She has brownish gold hair that curls at her neck. She has a detective cap on that matches her cape(look at heading 1)'

she wears a pink 'puff sleeves with a black jacket with pink buttons. Her skirt is dark brown with pink and black checkers on' it. She wears black Mary Janes with the left side of the bow being black and the right side pink.


Carri's pet is a long haired dog with a bow sticking out the top of its head with tuffs of hair coming out. It's fur colors are brown, gold with streaks of light pink. The bow it light red.


Carri's 'home has checkered pink, black and brown walls with hot pink carpet. The walls are covered in pictures of her art 'and photos of her and her pet. On the side is a yellow flower with a orange pot.


  • Carri Clue-R is a pun for Carrie Cluer
  • Carri could be OCD and a Loner because of her likes and dislikes
  • Her appearance is very simlauer to Tuffet Miss Muffet's
  • 'What boys could Carri like? Please put in the coummets 'what you think!

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