Carol Snow Crystals

Carol Snow Crystals is the little sister of Ivory Ice Crystals. She's a fan-made character by Aliahvenicegarcia!


Carol loves to play with snow and loves making Snowmen.

You can find Carol here:

Sewn On: December 23 (Third Day of Winter)

Sewn From: A Snow Princess' Dress


Carol is a fair skinned girl with black button eyes and pale pink cheeks. She has Blue hair with a with a white fuzzy ribbon on top. Carol wears a White fuzzy dress with blue bloomers on the bottom.


Her pet is a Baby fluffy polar bear


  • Carol has the same pet as her sister.
  • She's the only little that has a furry ribbon on top. Not like Apple, Trinket & Specs that have no furry things on top.
  • Carol hates hot things.