Captain Treasurechest
Captian Treasurechest Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

August 7th (Sea Serpent Day)

Sewn from

A Ship Captain's Coat



Captain Treasurechest is the little brother of Patch.  He was born on August 7th (sea serpent day) and is sewn from a ship captain's coat.  He has a pet Seagull.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith)


Captain loves going on sea adventures with his brother Patches.  He likes to sail and boss people around.


Captain is the first Lalaloopsy Little brother to use a curly hairstyle similar to Patches.  He has tan skin, dark cheeks, and black eyes.  His hair is blond with a black pirate hat that has white bones crossed.  He wears a brown long sleeve shirt with the cuffs rolled up slightly, it has a skull on the chest.  He also has a white vest, a buckle, black and red striped shorts.  His shoes are grey tennis shoes with white laces and white socks.


a white and grey seagull wtih yellow beak and legs


Captain lives on a pirate ship.


Trivia:Captian spells his name wrong sometimes, like Captian.


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