CD Rom

What was that?! Oh I thought it was the Brickster it's you. ~ Captain D. Rom in Lego Island

Captain D. Rom is one of the rescue officers on Lego Island.



Captain D. Rom is the chief of police on Lego Island. He stutters a lot and is usually at a loss for words is regularly seen walking outside the police station. He's the only policeman who isn't part of the Brick family. -


Captain D. Rom provides a walking tour for Crumbs and her friends when they visit Lego Island and Jewel finds that he has a lot in common with how she does things. When he finds that Spot likes to make art he directs her to the room where she can build a police helicopter.


Captain D. Rom is a lego who wears sun glasses a jacket with a rescue badge, black trousers and a black baseball cap.


Captain D. Rom is a character from the 1997 PC game Lego Island.

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