Bubbles: Hmm, what should I do today? 

Toasty: Hey, Bubbles! Want some bubblegum?

Bubbles: Sure! Thanks!

Bubbles chews the gum. As she chews her gum, Snowy walks by. 

Bubbles: Hey, Snowy! Watch me blow a really big bubble! 

Bubbles blows the bubble. 

Snowy: Wow! That's one huge bubble! 

The bubble gets bigger. 

Snowy: Whoa! That's big enough, Bubbles! Stop, stop! *gets trapped in bubble* What the-?! Now I'm stuck in a giant bubblegum bubble!

Bubbles: It's a trick that I learned recently. If you blow a bubble that's twice the size of your height, you'll be able to trap people in it! Isn't that cool? 

Snowy: No, Bubbles. It's not cool. We need to find someone who can get me out of this sticky, pink bubble. 

Bubbles pushes the bubble to find someone to free Snowy. 

Snowy: Hey, Suzette! Can you help me get out of this bubble? 

Suzette: Oui, mon ami! *gets trapped* What the-?! Now I'm trapped as well! 

Bubbles: I forgot to mention that whenever you blow a bubble that's so big that it traps someone in it, that bubble is so sticky, it also traps someone who tries to free the person who got trapped in it in the first place. 

As Bubbles says this when she pushes the bubble, she's unaware that she's trapping other Lalaloopsies who pass by in the bubble. 

Bubbles: *sees the various Lalaloopsies in the bubble* Huh? Uh-oh...

Scraps: Oh no! I'm stuck! 

Jewel: I don't deserve to be in here.

Tippy and Toffee: Neither do we! 

Bubbles: Oh boy. Now there are a lot of Lalaloopsies stuck inside the bubble. If there was one more person to get trapped inside this gigantic, sticky, pink bubblegum bubble, I certainly hope it's not...

Suddenly, as Bubbles walks towards the bubble, she gets stuck herself. 

Bubbles: Just as I suspected.

Forest: How are we gonna get out of here? 

Bubbles: The only way to get a person out of a giant bubble is to pop that bubble, so if we want to get out of here, I'd better pop this bubble, but I can't because I like how everything seems pink inside this bubble, and pink is my favorite color. 

Scraps: Come on, Bubbles! Please pop it, so we can all be free.

Bubbles: *sighs* Okay. *pops the bubble*

All (except Jewel): YAY! 

Jewel: Ugh, now I'm covered in sticky bubblegum! I'm going home to take a bath. 

Bubbles: Lesson learned. Never blow a bubble that's so big that it traps someone in it. 

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