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Bonnie H. Orse is a girl who LOVES horses and ponies.  She has a pet pony and is kind to everyone.  


Bonnie H. Orse is very sweet and is kind to everyone.  She is a hard worker and doesn't mind getting dirty.  Her favourite things to do are: go out for a long ride, take care of her pony and (don't tell anyone) eat sweets!  Her favourite meal is mashed potatoes and she just loves pink lemonade.  She isn't very girly and often wears boys' clothes.  Bonnie is simple and complex things often make her confused. 


Bonnie H. Orse has dark navy blue hair that is a recolor of Peanut Big Top's.  The bows in her hair are bright pink.  Her cheeks are baby pink.  Bonnie's skin is lightly tanned and her eyes are deep blue, slightly lighter than her hair.

She wears a blue plaid button down top with little black buttons.  Her shirt is tucked into her ash grey shorts, she also wears suspenders that are the same color as her bows.  Her shoes are rubber boots that seem to be covered in mud.


Bonnie H. Orse has a pony that is the same colour as her hair and has a mane and tail that are bright pink, like her bows.  Pony likes to eat carrots and is a very good horse, Pony never misbehaves...well except when you clean her legs.


Bonnie H. Orse lives in a small-ish house that looks like a stable as the front door is similiar in style to a stable door.  On the sides of her house are little round windows framed in black.


  • She loves to jump in puddles
  • Secretly she sometimes steals treats from the pantry
  • Bonnie H. Orse likes to go for early morning rides or late night rides
  • Though she rarely gets angry, if someone says something bad about her home, pony, or clothes she will burst out at them

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