Bloom Flowerpot
Bloom Flowerpot Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn on

May 19th (Plant Something Day)

Sewn from

A Flower Pot



Bloom Flowerpot was my idea for a little sister for Blossom Flowerpot before the offical Petal Flowerpot was released. 

She is born on May 19th (plant something day) and made out of a... flowerpot!  She has a pet Bumble bee. 

Drawn using Adobe Illustrator by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith)


Bloom loves planting flowers with her sister. She could spend all day in the garden.  She even things weeds are cute!


Bloom has dark skin with pale cheeks and freckles, basic black eyes.  her hair is pink with one pig tail at the top decorated with yellow and white flowers. She wears a white dress with puff sleeves, lace ruffles, a flower on the chest, green plaid belt, green polkadot underskir, orange and white stripe leggings, white ruffle socks, and orange shoes wtih a bow.


A pet bubblebee.


Bloom lives in a greenhouse


Bloom is actually allergic to bumblebees.


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