This is the story of Bea's history report, her Family Tree. It's not grown up

Chapter One: The Assignment

Bea and her classmates were going to do big projects in her history class. Everyone would choose an assignment from the bag. Sunny went first. She drew a little slip of paper marked, 'History of Lalaloopsy Land'. A few more girls went, and finally, it was Bea's turn. She felt around in the bag, and drew a paper marked 'Family Tree'. She read it aloud and went back to her seat, knowing that she had got the best project.

Chapter Two: Starting the Studies

Bea went home and found a book her grandmother had written about Bea's family. She went to the very beginning of the book, the first branch of the Spells-a-Lot family. She found a picture of a man with a caption. The caption said, 'Dictionary Spells-a-Lot'. Then there was a girl next to him. It said her name was 'Juliet Spells-a-Lot'. Then under was two little girls, one about Specs' age and one that looked a little younger than Bea. She read the names. The younger one read 'Books Spells-a-Lot' and the older one said, 'Bea Spells-a-Lot'! Bea thought to herself, "I must be Bea Spells-a-Lot, Jr.". She flipped to the next page. The title was, 'Decendants of Books and Bea Spells-a-Lot'. Bea had a little boy named 'Smart E. Pants' and Books didn't have any kids.

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