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(The kids are playing)

Bea: I'm going to get you! *tags Ace*

Ace: Aw, screws. I'm it! *runs around until he tags Peanut*

Peanut: Oof! *hits the tree and finds a poster* Oh, cool!

Marina: What is it?

(Marina, Ace, Patch, and Bea gather around Peanut)

Peanut: Looks like Harmony B. Sharp and her band, the Button Tunes are in town. And they're holding a music contest for all the bands in the land.

Bea: I SO want to win!

Patch: But it says that you have to be in a band.

Peanut: Well, why don't we form a band?

Ace: You mean, us kids?

Peanut: Of course! We'll call it.. Kids Rock!

Marina: That's a great idea! Now we have to figure out what instrument we're all gonna play. I call dibs on the tambourine!

Ace: I want to play guitar.

Bea: I'll play the drums.

Patch: I'm choosing saxophone. What about you, Peanut?

Peanut: Oh, I'm gonna be the lead singer. I don't play instruments. We can have our first band practice at my circus tent, today!

Bea: Okay!

Marina: Sounds great!

Ace: See you in a few minutes!


Ace: Good. Now we're just waiting for Patch.

(Patch shows up with his keyboard)

Patch: Hey guys!

Bea: Patch, I thought you said you were gonna play the saxophone.

Patch: I changed my mind. Wait, actually I want to play saxophone, noooooo, keyboard is better.

Ace: (exasperated) Make up your mind!

Patch: Keyboard it is.

Peanut: Is everybody here?

Ace, Bea, Marina, and Patch: Yes.

Peanut: Good! I've already wrote five copies of my song so you can learn it. Every time you see a star, that means you have to play. Bea will give us eight beats on her drums to start off, and Ace will have a guitar solo in the middle. No questions? Good! Let's practice.

Bea: A-one, a-two, a-you know what to do.

Peanut: Lalaloopsy Land, loopsy land, is the best, is the best, is the~

Bea: Quit poking me!

Ace: I'm not poking you!

Peanut: What's going on?

Ace: Bea whacked me with her drumsticks!

Bea: Ace smacked me with the long part of the guitar!

Peanut: It doesn't matter who smacked who.

Bea and Ace: Fine!

Peanut: Okay, lets get back to work. Lalaloopsy land-

Marina: I'd like to interject here. The tambourine is underappreciated, so I demand a tambourine solo.

Patch: Yeah, right!

Marina: SHUT UP!!! *punches Patch*

Patch: WAAAAA!! That really hurt! I hate you, Marina.

Bea: Hate is not a nice wird.

Patch: Then I strongly dislike Marina. I despise her. I detest her, I loathe her, I-

Peanut: Thats enough, Patch. And enough for all of you, too. If we keep on arguing, we may never be able to practice for the show.

Bea: *snorts* Who said anything about practicing? I'm already perfect!

Peanut: *hits Bea*

Bea: Owww!

Peanut: Its not like an elephant stepped on you! Or my elephant, for that matter.

Ace: And Bea was the one who started all of this.

Marina: Bea needs to be kicked out.

Peanut: I think we should ALL get kicked out!

Ace: What do you mean?


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