Astro Starlight
Astro Starlight Pic


Lalaloopsy Littles

Sewn from

A Space Blanket

Sewn on

October 1st (NASA Official Birthday)


Moon Rock

Astro Starlight is the little brother of Dot Starlight.  He is born on October 1st (NASA offical birthday).  Astro is sewn from a space blanket. He has a pet moon rock (named Rocky).

Astro was created using Adobe Illustrator with Matey Anchors as a refrence.  Drawn by missflyingtoaster (Melissa Smith) 


Astro loves to explore. He tries to jump really high and learn about new things.


Astro has dark skin and pale cheeks with black eyes.  He has yellow hair, the same style as Matey Anchors.  He wears a space helmet that is clear along with a blue one piece suit that has red accents.  He has silver gloves and white boots with red straps.


Moon Rock sometimes called Rocky


Astro lives on a space station that orbits Earth.


Trivia: Astro collects vintage toy spaceships.


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