here you can ask ANY lalaloopsy you like a question

edit: u can also ask non-lalaloopsy characters

This is open from 4:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST



  • every canon character
  • non-lalaloopsy characters
  • Whistle Kick n Score
  • Fluffy Puncy Paws
  • fanon characters


A question for Mari

Do you ever wilt when the winter comes, since, y'know, you were sewn from A FLOWER?! And do Bluebell, Rosebud, or Happy ever melt? ~Madison

Response: Um, not exactly. Before winter comes, we take our flowers to Blossom's house for safe keeping. We pack away our flowery dresses and we are forced to wear this ugly puffy coats all during winter. During winter we lose our flowery hair, but it grows back in spring-Mari

A qusetion for Gizmo

Do you really love Streamers? ~ 303melosi(aka breeze e sky) Response: Well I don't love Streamers! Why would I be with a girl that loves me!? NOT! Besides Jinx would just be like "YAAAAAAAAAY!"! Steamers kisses me everywhere even the you know what! Don't tell Streamers I hate her even know she doesn't hate me she's just wants a boyfriend, but I'm like "NO!"! She claims I'm her boyfriend, but I'm not! It's like people shouting at me like that one time! So no! I don't love Streamers! ~ Gizmo

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