Antonette De Pastry is Lalaloopsy Land's lady of leisure and royal fashions. She's royalty pampered, a bit spoiled and always perfectly primped. She likes to eat royal pastries, taking naps in her royal garden and taking walks around the garden. Anonette is the older sister of Marie De Pastry. Her name is based off of Bulgarian origin, while having her sweet tooth with it.


Antonette De Pastry loves to relax outside in her garden full of desserts and pastries and fancy flowers. She has a fan if she is hot and has a scepter to hold around.


Antonette is a brown-skinned lalaloopsy girl, she wears a fancy dress and has ruby red slippers with tiny diamonds on them. She has white and light pink hair with megenta bows on each side. she also has a beauty mark on the left side of her face.


Antonette's Pet is a royal pink cockatoo with a yellow beak and two legs.


Antonette's home is a royal luxorius palace filled with pastries, fancy plants and baked goods along with her fine relaxing spots, a beautiful pink pathway, a water fountain and some fancy trees. Antonette often walks here with her favorite hand fan, parasol and scepter.

Antonette's palace is very luxorius, royalty and beautiful.


She is inspired by Margarita Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who is the queen of bulgaria since they both pampered and primped.

She has a Bulgarian accent.

She is one of the Lalaloopsies to have real names so does her sister.


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Her full size doll.