Amethyst Quartz is a shy girl who discovered the Land of Lala-Oopsie. She is talented at drawing and loves to draw pictures of her friends. Even though she is shy and always drawing, she can always make time to be with or help her friends!

She has a pet kitten.


Amethyst has purple eyes and oval, faded lilac cheeks, and a purple dress that is laced at the top and goes down and poofs at her thighs, having a laced heart on her chest. She has low white laced socks and Mary-Jane shoes with bows at her toes. Her skin is light and pale. Amy's purple hair is in a ponytail on the left side of her head.

For Ms.Lalaloopsy Universe 2013, has a dress that is silvery-purple. She has a bow just beneath her right hip, and from there the dress goes down to her feet. The top is straight across and is strapless. To complete the outfit, she has little purple poofs under her shoulders and above her elbows.


For a home, Amethyst lives in a house that is shaped like a teardrop. It is different shades of purple all over, and has a porch on the front. The porch has 2 white, rectangular prism shaped pillars, a lilac swing in the porch, and little, differently shaped amethysts hanging from the top front above the porch.


Her pet is a kitten.


  • She was born on Feb. 20, the National Day of Quartz Mining, giving good days and luck to those who see quartz that day.
  • Her nickname is Amy.
  • She shares her birthday with Cherry Crisp Crust and Little Bah Peep.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • Her kitten is a Persian.

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