Amelia Sea Shells

Amelia Seafoam is an Ocean doll that likes to hang out with Coral Sea Shells and the other mermaid Lalaloopsies. Her last name is based off of seafoam.

About Amelia

Amelia is a talented, confident girl who loves the ocean and makes friends with mermaids and sea creatures. She can be reckless and willful, and has a problem listening to anyone who doesn't agree with her. She can also be impatient and headstrong and there are times where even her friends have little patience for her. However, she will usually swallow her pride and admit she is wrong about something when necessary though she rarely apologizes for her occasional mistreatment towards others. Although stubborn and single-minded, Amelia is also fiercely loyal to her friends, especially the mermaids. Her loyalty to the mermaids proves so strong that she supports them whenever there's a time of need. Despite her social flaws and tendency to give a bad first impression (and have one of others), Amelia is a kindhearted mermaid who would go to great lengths to help her friends when they need it. That being said, she's not always the best at expressing gratitude. She does, however, have a good sense of humor and is usually fun to be around once she gets to know someone and vice versa.


Amelia Seafoam is a fair skinned girl with pink cheeks and long yellow hair with a crown made of little oyster shells. She normally wears a turquoise/teal dress with a ruffled skirt, a necklace and bracelets made of seashells, and teal shoes.

Her alternative outfit is a yellow bathing suit with white polkadots, a frilled skirt piece, and a teal shiny ribbon to tie around her neck.


Her pet is a turquise blowfish that can squirt water. 


She has a mermaid house by the beach in the shape of a big sandcastle. It's near the water so that she can always go in for a swim or simply look at the view.